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What do we need to know to be effective teachers of reading?

To teach reading we need:

  • To understand five clear principles
  • To be practised in three simple skills
  • To acquire an awareness of the English Language Code

Using only six key lessons you'll be able to teach and develop the awareness, the skills and the understanding needed to be highly effective.

Ten Questions

Here are 10 questions which all those involved in the teaching of reading need to be able to answer.

  • Can you name the different approaches to the teaching of reading?
  • How do these approaches differ?
  • Do you know what is meant by phonics and, in particular, synthetic phonics?
  • Can you explain the difference between DECODING and ENCODING?
  • Did you know that there is a code to the English language?
  • How regular or patterned is the code of English language?
  • How many sounds are there in the English language?
  • How many (a) vowels (b) consonants are there and what is the essential difference between them?
  • Approximately how many ways are there to spell the sounds of the English language?
  • Do you know what SCHWAS are and why it is important to be aware of them when teaching reading?

How did you do?

Those involved in the teaching of reading should know the answer to these questions if they are to be effective instructors or mentors.

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