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Phonics Ireland Course Testimonials

  • The Phonics Ireland Synthetic Phonics approach to spelling has been a real eye-opener and education for me as a teacher. The progress in spelling and reading in my classroom have improved greatly and in such a short period of time. I would urge all teachers to participate and implement the programme so that they may reap the benefits too.

    I.P. - (School Teacher)

  • I have been using the Phonics Ireland Synthetic Phonics approach with the children and adults now for a few years. It is the only way forward and I have seen progress where other approaches have failed. It is so simple and makes complete sense. We will continue to have problems with reading until this gets priority in our training.

  • L.A. - (Principal Teacher and Adult Literacy Tutor)

  • I have experienced great success with the Phonics Ireland Synthetic Phonics approach to reading and spelling. It is such a logical and structured programme and gives children the confidence to tackle any word. I would strongly recommend it to all teachers and parents.

  • A. McC. - (Learning Support Teacher and parent)

When asked which parts of the 5-day course they enjoyed and why, these were some of the comments made by past participants:

  • The role-playing - putting ourselves in the child's position.

  • The sounds - eye opener, had real fear of them and avoided asking children to sound out words because I wasn't confident with the sounds.

  • Enjoyed all of it - very useful, practical and opens your eyes and ears to aspects of English that we take for granted.

  • It was exciting and challenging.

  • I really enjoyed the 'hands on approach' and the way in which it was executed.

  • The Course was excellent and all aspects were explained thoroughly.

  • The Course was easy to follow and done step-by-step.

  • It was like learning a new language in a methodical and organised way.

  • The methods used in the delivery helped to clarify the mystery of phonics for me.

  • Both presenters came across as being passionate about language and deliver this method with great enthusiasm.

When asked if someone they knew was considering coming on the course, what advice would they give them, they said:

  • "Well worthwhile; a structured approach to phonics. I've seen a huge improvement in my class so far. Fantastic for building the children's confidence."

  • "Always felt I had to use several different schemes to cover all, so one complete scheme is a great help."

  • "Very good course, but tough going - not a holiday. New approach to teaching reading and phonics. Very worthwhile for both class teachers and special needs teachers."

  • "Be prepared - it is really challenging, but very fulfilling."

  • "Be well rested, as the course is quite intense and there is a lot to take on board. Enter it with an open mind."

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