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The Phonics Ireland Online Course is provided to the general public at no cost.

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Learn How to Teach Reading with Phonics Ireland

An Announcement

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Phonics Ireland Synthetic/Linguistic Phonics Course.

We are now pleased to offer this professional course FREE to users. As well as two lifetimes spent in teaching, we have been involved in teaching 'proper' phonics for over two decades. As we are both retired, we have decided to present our course free to teachers, to parents, to mentors, to schools, to all those committed to the promotion of literacy.

We are interested in the educational advancement of all young people – but we are particularly committed to the removal of the barriers encountered by girls and women. Education transforms lives and we earnestly hope that this 21st century is the one that finally sees the end of illiteracy – worldwide.

We warmly welcome you to the Phonics Ireland Course.

Happy Learning.

Happy Teaching.

Yours sincerely

Harry Blackstock
Paddy McEvoy

About the Phonics Ireland Online Synthetic Phonics Course

What do we need to know to be effective teachers of reading?

The effective teacher needs:

  • to understand and incorporate five straightforward principles into their teaching
  • needs to help students to be practised in three simple skills
  • needs to help students acquire an awareness of the English Language Code.

Using only six key lessons and the Phonics Ireland approach you can become highly effective.

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What does the online course include?

The Phonics Ireland Online course has four user-friendly modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: The Early Code
  • Module 3: The Later Code and Multi-syllables
  • Module 4: Applications and Implications
As part of the online course, you will be provided with the following downloadable material:
  • A Manual (144 pages) including 12 exemplar compact lessons
  • Teaching Materials (150 pages)
  • Practice Sheets (130 pages)
  • Code Awareness Booklet (56 pages)
  • Code Quiz (21 pages)
  • Phonics Ireland Readers (110 pages)
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"This is the way to teach reading" - Daniel, 7

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